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About Brad Quinn

Brad Quinn has successfully combined a full time career as an illustrator and graphic designer with creating his own art in a wide range of media.

Interested in painting and drawing ever since he can remember, Brad stumbled into studying graphic design because he was ‘good at art’ and has been a freelance artist ever since.

Relocating from Melbourne to Tasmania in 2015, he is now concentrating on producing his own work. His primary interest is in representing the effects of light on objects — landscapes, still lives, interiors — in the simplest way possible. Nevertheless, his work resonates with many viewers who derive great pleasure from beautiful paintings that they can connect with on many levels.

Working mainly in oils, Brad is constantly seeking to improve on his technique. “I spend a lot of time experimenting. A finished painting must work for me, but I am always pleased that other people appreciate them, too.”

Drawing inspiration from his new home in rural Tasmania as well as from the urban environment, his paintings are sold and exhibited across Tasmania, as well as from his studio space in Deloraine and his home in Westbury.